The “Res Top” series – large plants for large companies
When it is the owner of a large cutting yard who is considering the purchase of a Resin Line we immediately suggest looking at the “Res Top” versions, which are characterized by high mechanical speed and imposing structure.

Regarding this, it is worth clarifying that the technical terms “mechanical speed” and “productive capacity” are really not synonyms as many believe. The mechanical speed is the frequency with which a Conveyor Tray reaches the unloading point, stops for a moment and takes up its return journey towards loading area. The productive capacity is the quantity of slabs which can be processed in a given time (usually per hour). Any difference between the two rates is due to the time added to the mechanical cycle by the workers.

The more difficult the treatment is, the longer the processing will take and as a consequence the productive capacity will be lower than the mechanical speed. Therefore, the effective productivity of a plant depends on the conditions of the material. Companies dealing in difficult stone such as breccia and onyx should be aware that in order to process 20 or 30 slabs per hour, they need to look at extremely fast plants.

In addition to impressive maximum speed the “Res Top” models have been designed to be streamlined and versatile with their oversized multi-shelf ovens for drying and polymerization, and fully equipped Mesh Attachment and Resin Application Workstations. In the last 5 years the “Res Top CS” Resin Lines have achieved great success thanks to the layout which allows fewer workers without compromising productivity.