The “Res Lux” series – for companies wanting to break all production records
In introducing the “Res Lux” series it is worth remembering the previous definitions of “mechanical speed” and “productive capacity”. The mechanical speed of a Resin Line is the frequency with which a Conveyor Tray reaches the unloading point, stops for a moment and takes up its return journey towards loading area. The productive capacity is the quantity of slabs which can be processed in a given time (usually per hour)

Indeed, the “Res Lux” Resin Lines are the fastest in the world: some of them, at top rate, nearly reach the speed of a Tray every 40 seconds. So, we are speaking about versions conceived to break every production record and therefore to satisfy the needs of large leaders in the stone industry.

Obviously the dimensions are in proportion to performance and so the top models are giants of over 100 metres in length.

The level of automation is also in proportion to performance and is very high or total. The already comprehensive equipment may be supplemented by accessories to be chosen according to individual needs or preferences.

Companies specialized in the working of travertine and traveronyx will surely go for the “Res TraverLux” versions, while the more avant-garde models are the “Res TriLux” and “Res QuadriLux”, ideal for companies with a non-stop production cycle including mesh backing and resin coating, in some cases interrupted only by reconstruction and follow-up honing.