The “Res Compact” series – for young dynamic companies looking for growth.
The “Res Compact” models recall the very first “S.E.I. Resin Line” set up in Carrara more than 20 years ago. The defining characteristic of these plants is simplicity which makes it possible to manage even for non-experts in the Resin Treatment field. The essential design is also economic to run because there are few interventions necessary to keep the Resin Line working.

As their name suggests they are compact in size while productivity is at a surprisingly good level. The plants include a Tilting Bench which on request, can be substituted by a Robot programmed to load and unload. The Drying Unit is made up of a horizontal oven which however is not ideal for drying very wet slabs. This limited effectiveness in the drying system has resulted in the more advanced “Res Combi” plants taking over in terms of popularity. A mesh attachment and resin application workbench is followed by a very large Polymerization Unit, so that slabs can be treated with low viscosity slow-curing resin or in the case of processing dark coloured granite, sealers.

Three factors make the “Res Compact” Resin Lines an economic choice: reduced energy consumption, attractive price and extraordinary mechanical reliability.

Worthy of mention are the “Res 8 Compact” and “Res 10 Compact” models which are the only plants on sale specialized in the treatment of thicknesses of up to 12 centimetres.