The “Res Combi” series – high technology for companies believing in progress
History teaches us that technological evolution does not follow a straight line but proceeds with stops and starts.

A machinery expert deciding to study progress in the stone industry would easily identify the inventions which have marked milestones for slab producers, and would doubtlessly in pointing them out to an audience interested in learning as much as possible on the subject reserve a place of honour for the launch of the “Res Combi” Resin Lines.

Indeed, this launch overturned a situation in which entrepreneurs interested in buying a Resin Line of good productive capacity, unquestionable efficiency in drying and suitability in the use of slow curing epoxy resins had to take on a huge economic burden involving years of sacrifice, and have a large enough site to place a big plant.

The introduction of the “Res Combi” series swept away any financial or logistic limit which could dissuade many companies from investing and changed the idea that a modern factory did not necessarily need a Resin Line.

It was such a resounding success that nowadays the name “combi” is synonymous when talking about plants which include an oven divided into two separate chambers, and so many attempts to copy which sometimes seem to be clones is a widespread phenomenon that has become commonplace.

The basic idea of the “Res Combi” project is to stack and incorporate two multi-shelf ovens assisted by as many lifts with the Loading and Unloading Workstations on one side and on the other the mesh attachment and resin application area. Developing this clever idea S.E.I. has brought out a good 29 different versions, showing unequalled creativity and real attention to customers’ needs. For example, the “Res Combi XT” and “Res Combi XT Max” models have been designed for stone processors needing to restore and fill coloured marble, exotic granite, breccia, travertine, traveronyx and onyx as to do this requires specialized equipment.