S.E.I. has expanded its line-up of models.

Between February and October we have launched five new models called “Res 20 Compact DSR”, “Res MiniCombi A”, “Res 48 TraverTop”, “Res 60 Top RX” and “Res 150 TriLux C”. Each of these plants was specifically devised to either circumvent key constraints on business success – such as shortage of space, high energy prices, and rising labour costs – or to manufacture significant quantities of good quality slabs of specific materials (e.g. “traveronyx”, translucent quartz and black granite) which present peculiar properties and hence require fairly complex treatments with specialized resins, sealants and dyes.

It is also noteworthy to mention that the “Res 50 Combi Max” and “Res 60 Combi Max” Resin Lines have been recently restyled so as to meet the requirements of companies needing to restore large amounts of stone with extensive cracking. Perhaps, we should rather say that these two models have been rethought and redesigned, as their latest versions borrow a lot from the “Res Combi XT” types which are becoming increasingly successful as the years go by, thanks largely to their effectiveness in the repair and reinforcement of “coloured” marble, exotic granite, breccia and onyx.