5 Reportage - L'impianto ideale per retinare e resinare i marmi spagnoli Palazon y Mira SL

Reportage – the ideal processing line to mesh back and resin coat Spanish marble: Palazon y Mira SL

Spain abounds with marble deposits that produce some of the world’s most sought after varieties. Professional stone distributors will never miss to include Crema Marfil, Marron Emperador and Rojo Alicante in their product range indeed, and most of them will also offer other Spanish materials which are much in demand all over the world, like Nero Marquina, Crema Valencia, Grigio Cheghin, Rojo Coralito and Amarillo Triana to name but a few.

Alicante province has always been one of the major slab and tile producing areas, as a number of leading stone processors are located there. Palazon y Mira SL is a long-established company forever striving to improve the quality of its production systems through the introduction of new technologies. This combination of practical experience and adoption of advanced machinery allows Palazon y Mira turning severely cracked blocks into top quality slabs and achieve surprisingly high levels of productivity.

Recently, Palazon y Mira took a significant step towards upgrade of its factory. The company owners carried out an extensive research to ascertain what processing plants for marble reinforcement and finishing are the most efficient and reliable, and eventually came to the conclusion that the S.E.I. Resin Lines represent the best solution for the restoration and enhancement of Spanish marble. Therefore, they chose a Resin Line tailored to meet their requirements – the “Res 105 Lux CS” type – whose salient design feature is the impressive mechanical speed that ensures the maintenance of high production rates over the 24 hour workday. This stunning mechanical speed results from the peculiar design of the automatic loading and unloading workstations – that avoids production slowdown even in the case of slabs which present numerous fractures – and the fact that the various machines which form the Resin Line are arranged logically and programmed to coordinate in a rational structured manner. The record-large curing oven is compatible with all polyester and epoxy resins for stone treatment available on the market today, irrespective of their viscosity and reactivity.