9 Reportage - Un impianto di resinatura lastre assolutamente unico nel suo genere Commerciale Graniti

Reportage – A truly unique resin plant for slabs to deliver results beyond expectations: Commerciale Graniti.

Over the course of the years, Commerciale Graniti established a pre-eminent reputation as a trustable partner to whom traders and brokers dealing in rare and expensive stone entrust their material to have it turned into slabs suitable to meet the strictest standards for strength and quality of surface finish.

Working with the world’s finest marble and granite on behalf of export-oriented companies focusing towards developed markets requires to demonstrate high levels of involvement and to assume significant responsibilities. The factory staff has a thorough grounding in all aspects of slab manufacturing process indeed; and moreover they run a modern machinery park that comprises of the most technically advanced production lines, including a resin plant from the “Res Combi” series tailored to carry out some peculiar treatments, like the darkening of black granite coming up with white stains or white ring marks.

Recently, Commerciale Graniti has launched an efficiency and productivity improvement plan; and as a first step, its management commissioned S.E.I. to design a Resin Line which would make it possible to adapt the mesh backing and resin coating techniques to the characteristics of every kind of stone.

Even in the eyes of visitors who are not really machinery experts the revolutionary Resin Line opened a few months ago looks so impressive to evoke the image of a gigantic automated laboratory complex. In fact, the method of working of conventional resin plants (which involves the slabs passing through a rigidly predetermined sequence of workstations) has been rethought and rather widened through the inclusion of a number of “multipurpose workstations” capable of performing several functions according to material.

There are so many properties and aesthetic features (structure, thermal resistance, amount and severity of cracking and holing, background colour and veining to name but a few) which may vary from one type of stone to another in truth; and to achieve the best results on a consistent basis is possible only if the processing route for slab production across the resin plant varies correspondingly. For example, in spite of having the same origin the marble varieties extracted from the Apuan Alps can differ in their water absorption rate, hardness, types of faults and hue; and hence require specialized treatments.

That being so, the slabs of highly porous marble invariably rest in both the drying units of the new Resin Line (consisting of tunnel and multi-shelf ovens), while the slabs of low water absorption marble simply pass through the tunnel oven. The mesh attachment and resin coating area of the plant is composed of two workstations within 8 metres of each other, so that the operators can locate cracks which remain open after the initial resin application and do as many retouches as they need to ensure the thorough filling of fractures, pits and voids. The time and temperature for resin curing are always in strict accordance with the producer’s instructions thanks to the innovative design of the polymerization unit that results from the combination of two multi-shelf ovens programmed to work together or separately, depending on the setting speed of the resin.