3 Reportage - Un impianto di resinatura gigantesco per un'azienda che cresce a ritmi vertiginosi Tümas Marble Ind. Trade Inc. 2

Reportage – A gigantic resin plant designed for a company who grows at an amazing rate: Tümas Marble Ind. Trade Inc.

It is surprising to see how quick Tümas Marble has grown in the past few years. This unstoppable growth is definitely due to the constant availability of large quantities of blocks, which can be transformed into slabs of varying thicknesses, tiles and even made-to-measure stone products. Indeed, the company owns a number of quarries, which produce a range of increasingly fashionable stone, such as an elegant marble with a soft cream and light beige palette named “Crema Colossae”.

Another key factor for success is the ambitious equipment modernisation plan. Tümas managers are aware that companies wanting to rise and assume a leading position in a steadily more competitive market should offer best quality products, which is only feasible through the use of state-of-the-art machinery. This is why they are incessantly looking for the latest and most efficient machines to improve the efficiency and productivity of their Denizli-based factory. And so it was that in 2011 they chose one of the most effective existing technologies for structural reinforcement and surface enhancement of marble (especially “coloured” and beige materials), limestone and onyx: the “Res 60 Combi XT” Resin Line. The slabs treated with this plant were of such a high standard that customers began to place growingly larger orders, so that in just one year the sales almost tripled and the productivity of the Resin Line became insufficient to meet demand. In that time, the board management made the decision to expand the plant and turn it into a far bigger model: the “Res 90 Top CS” type. Though the expansion made it possible to work twice as fast as with the “Res 60 Combi XT” Resin Line, it did not take long before the sales again exceeded the productive capacity. And so to the final the company’s directors resolved to build a brand-new shed where to install a gigantic “Res 200 TriLux” type. The layout configuration of this model is the fruit of an-depth study aimed to design an automated production line to carry out the entire process and ensure high levels of productivity even in case of severely cracked stone.

The loading workstation consists of a rotating platform to store 120 raw slabs and an automatic loader able to pick up irregularly shaped slabs with deep fractures, and place them on sturdy “close-mesh” conveyor trays. A 50-slab capacity multi-shelf oven provides thorough drying of the slabs which then pass to the mesh attachment workstation, where a sheet of fibreglass mesh is glued to their back through the application of epoxy resin that eventually hardens in a 75-slab capacity multi-shelf curing oven. The mesh reinforced slabs are overturned by the high-speed “LL ROB” robotic system that also transfers them to the resin coating workstation. To allow factory’s workers ensuring that all faults are completely filled with resin a series of resin application tables is included. Besides, the slabs are impregnated under-vacuum, carefully checked and retouched. The resin coatings harden in another 75-slab capacity multi-shelf oven. On leaving the curing oven the mesh backed and resin treated slabs move to the unloading workstation, where they are automatically unloaded and stored next to the plant.