Automation is synonymous with maximizing efficiency and keeping down production costs
Stone working involves heavy objects to be handled continuously. Forcing workers to carry out moving and handling operations with rudimental equipment carries a high risk of serious personal injury. Furthermore, to assign workers to heavy manual handling tasks causes costs to rise. Aware of that, forward looking entrepreneurs choose processing lines complete of automatic loaders and unloaders which ensure safety of their workers and higher production capacity.

Sturdiness, durability and reliability are the must-have features of a good machine for slab and strip lifting and moving. Obviously, operating speed is important too. However, a secure hold is vital in the quest to prevent materials from falling and shattering.

The latest machines for slab and strip storing, loading, overturning, unloading and handling from S.E.I.
To create the most nearly perfect Resin Lines in the world, S.E.I.’s design team had to cope with a number of difficult issues such as how to meet the necessity for storage streamlining and actualize their design ideas for automatic loaders able to grip fractured slabs. As a result, the company developed a vast range of machines for slab and strip storing, loading, overturning, unloading and handling.

The “KK ROB” Robot has been in production since the second half of the ‘90s and is currently in its fourth generation. This remarkably versatile machine can be used for slab loading or unloading and when included in plants with low to medium productive capacity it can be programmed to carry out both loading and unloading operations. Among the salient features of the “KK ROB” Robot are simplicity and robust build quality which make it easy to use and maintain. The “KK ROB MAX” type is significantly higher than the standard version, to pass over various obstacles and convey slabs to various storage areas.

The recently launched “VK ROB” is a state-of-the-art Robot that represents the ultimate solution to pick up and move slabs with large amounts of cracking and irregular shape. In addition to be an extraordinary loader, the “VK ROB” Robot is great at slab overturning and unloading.

The “KT ROB” Robot has been specifically conceived to load raw travertine slabs with no risk of the vacuum pads dropping the slabs due to the large number of holes in the material. It seems to us that its revolutionary design has not yet been fully understood and appreciated; and that’s a real pity because this Robot has the potential to solve any problem in the loading of slabs which cannot be taken by conventional automatic loaders.

The biggest “S.E.I. Resin Lines” designed for non-stop production cycle including mesh backing and resin coating are equipped with the “LL ROB” slab overturning workstation. This high-speed system consists of two sophisticated Robots programmed to overturn the mesh reinforced slabs and immediately reposition them on the Resin Line.

The sturdy compact-sized “M ROB” Robot is designed to transfer slabs from a processing line to another one, and accordingly to maximize the level of automation of large factories. The installation of a series of “M ROB” Robots is an intelligent way to rationalize the factory’s production which is synonymous with improved efficiency, safety and productivity.

To automate the loading and unloading workstations of strip processing lines we offer the “S ROB” and “KS ROB” Robots. The “S ROB” type is a typical strip loader and unloader with bridge structure fixed to the ground that supports an automatic vacuum pad plate able to lay strips on roller tables, recover finished strips which have reached the unloading point and either palletize or stack them on an A-frame. The “KS ROB” model is a truly peculiar machine characterized by the capability of picking up various strips at once.

The “RP” Automatic Rotating Platforms assure that the maximum production capacity of stone processing lines is fully exploited. Indeed, these supports prevent a slow down through insufficient slabs in the loading area and avoid congestions in the unloading area. Every “RP” Platform carries 60 2 cm-thick slabs on each side. Boasting a surprisingly high load capacity of 160 slabs, the “RP MAX” version has been designed to complete the automatic loading and unloading workstations of large-scale production lines.

S.E.I. manufactures stationary and self-propelled Tilting Benches. Stone processors keen to invest in production lines complete of robots may be biased against semiautomatic equipment. However, there are plenty of situations where Tilting Benches can come in handy.