Some considerations on the automatic systems for mesh attaching and resin spraying
The usefulness of automatic machines for mesh attaching and resin spraying has been at the centre of very heated debates for many years. No matter if they are machinery makers, slab producers or stone dealers, everybody express their opinion regardless of their technical knowledge.

The first and foremost aspect worth noticing here is that only a small number of the resin plants running worldwide include automatic machines for mesh attaching and resin spraying. Anyone who knows the average price of high-production Resin Lines can deduce that this situation is certainly not due to the magnitude of the investment needed to automate the mesh attachment and resin application workstations. Indeed, the inclusion of such accessories involves an increase of just 5 to 10 percent in total investment.

The real reason for the low prevalence of mesh attaching and resin spraying machines is their narrowness of scope. It is simply impracticable to repair and resin coat broken slabs by means of automatic machines. When it comes to the treatment of materials like Giallo Siena, Rojo Alicante, Portoro, Marron Emperador, Green Onyx or Tiger Onyx all slabs are different in nature and number of fractures; and accordingly it is difficult or impossible to predict the amount of resin required to restore each slab. Furthermore, the treatment of such faulty slabs requires the application of a second layer of resin or even a third layer, to ensure the deep cracks are completely filled.

Therefore, automatic systems for mesh attaching and resin spraying are suitable only for the treatment of materials which are sound in their natural state, like most granite and white marble.

The latest automatic mesh dispensers and resin applicators from S.E.I.
The “NSC” fibreglass mesh dispenser is designed to automatically apply sheets of reinforcing mesh to the back of raw slabs. The dispenser is complete of auto tail cutting and resin applicator.

The “SFR” is a machine with bridge-structure able to pour a layer of resin onto the surface of fast-moving slabs. The latest version allows its users to adjust the resin flow and decide the amount of resin to be applied to each slab according to the characteristics of the various materials.

The “VORT” Robot quickly sprays a layer of resin onto slabs staying for a while within its range of motion. Its equipment includes a resin flow regulator to adjust the quantity of resin that is sprayed onto the slabs, and an automatic cleaning system to wash with solvents the mixing device, conduit pipes and spraying nozzle.

The “RF” applicator is designed to automatically resin coat variously sized strips and tiles.

It is worth mentioning that all factories must fulfil their legal and moral responsibility to install efficient fume extraction systems in the resin application areas, to safeguard workers’ health and the environment.