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Editorial – The incomplete filling of cracks and holes.

In spite of heavy investments in modern production lines and good quality resin, many stone processors are still dealing with the incomplete filling of defects. Thin cracks running deep into the thicknesses, holes and crevices remaining on the surface polished to a mirror finish, and large full-thickness pits are the most common problems. Let’s examine […]

Reportage – A truly unique resin plant for slabs to deliver results beyond expectations: Commerciale Graniti.

Over the course of the years, Commerciale Graniti established a pre-eminent reputation as a trustable partner to whom traders and brokers dealing in rare and expensive stone entrust their material to have it turned into slabs suitable to meet the strictest standards for strength and quality of surface finish. Working with the world’s finest marble […]

Editorial – Important aspects of the repair and restoration of marble which are often overlooked and underestimated

Stone companies starting to resin treat their marble slabs on a large scale will almost invariably receive lots of advices and instructions from agents and area managers seeking to sell them machinery, tools and consumables. Yet, most these consultants have never had anything close to a practical first-hand experience of restoration and enhancement of stone, […]

Reportage – An extraordinarily comprehensive stone processing yard in Brazil: Decolores Mármores e Granitos

Brazil boasts an abundance of mineral wealth including immense deposits of fine building and decorative stone derived from bedrock sources. This great quantity of fine stone has surely represented the most significant factor behind the tremendous growth in the Brazilian stone industry. However, Brazilian stone processors should be credited for growth of their field too, […]

Reportage – the ideal processing line to mesh back and resin coat Spanish marble: Palazon y Mira SL

Spain abounds with marble deposits that produce some of the world’s most sought after varieties. Professional stone distributors will never miss to include Crema Marfil, Marron Emperador and Rojo Alicante in their product range indeed, and most of them will also offer other Spanish materials which are much in demand all over the world, like […]

S.E.I. has expanded its line-up of models.

Between February and October we have launched five new models called “Res 20 Compact DSR”, “Res MiniCombi A”, “Res 48 TraverTop”, “Res 60 Top RX” and “Res 150 TriLux C”. Each of these plants was specifically devised to either circumvent key constraints on business success – such as shortage of space, high energy prices, and […]

Reportage – A gigantic resin plant designed for a company who grows at an amazing rate: Tümas Marble Ind. Trade Inc.

It is surprising to see how quick Tümas Marble has grown in the past few years. This unstoppable growth is definitely due to the constant availability of large quantities of blocks, which can be transformed into slabs of varying thicknesses, tiles and even made-to-measure stone products. Indeed, the company owns a number of quarries, which […]