25 years ago we created a revolutionary technology which finally made it POSSIBLE


REPAIR cracks and defects, REINFORCE the structure and ENHANCE the surface

of marble, granite, breccia, quartzite, travertine, limestone and onyx.


What to do if your slabs shatter into pieces?

Just contact us, and you’ll learn all there is to know about repair and restoration

of broken marble, breccia and onyx.


How to repair and hide deep cracks, hairline fractures and holes?

You need to master all aspects of the Resin Treatment and use appropriate specialized machinery.

Choosing an S.E.I. Resin Line means choosing the world’s most high-tech resin treatment plant and

receiving an in-depth ongoing training in the best methods of improving the look of your stone.

How to intensify and enhance the natural colour?


Modern Resin Lines must be equipped with efficient, streamlined workstations which are programmed

to coordinate in a rational structured manner.


In Resin Treatment there is one golden rule to bear in mind always:

different types of stone must be processed in different ways.

Discover the range of S.E.I. Resin Lines



S.E.I. has expanded its line-up of models.

Between February and October we have launched five new models called “Res 20 Compact DSR”, “Res MiniCombi A”, “Res 48 TraverTop”, “Res 60 Top RX” and “Res 150 TriLux C”.